Matthew Fudge

Producer/Songwriter/Mixer/Sound Designer/Multi-Instrumentalist

Currently located in Berlin, Germany, producer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and sound designer Matthew Fudge blends a unique set of talents and skill-sets to create music which is strikingly original.  With over a decade’s worth of experience, Fudge brings a lot to the table and enjoys working with artists closely to bring out their strengths. “I’m always looking to work with great artists who believe in themselves and what they do; the ones who have something to say and a statement they want to make. I think there’s never been a more exciting time to make music than right now.”

While a member of electronic duo This Sound Will Save You, Fudge began to further embrace technology and the possibilities it offered for music creation. He develops music production software under the name Sounds Outside the Lines. His most ambitious software project to date is being used by producers and programmers working with Björk, Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, Coldplay and numerous others.

“A Dirty Synth Pop Gem.”

“While the softer side of electro pop has been en vogue lately, we still have cravings for some harder synth beats. The answer to our prayers has come in the form of Pyramid Tropic’s newest single “My Destroyer”. Taking serious cues from 80s pop and infusing it with something a little more sinister, the duo has created something that feels like cotton candy pop but belongs at a basement dive bar. It’s upbeat while staying covered in grime, and it’s definitely the dance gem that you’ve been looking for.” – The Wild Honey Pie


• Ghost Caravan – “T.O. Confidential” EP (co-writer 4 songs)
• Grand Analog – “Survival” EP (co-writer 2 songs)

• Good Luck Club – “Good Luck Club” album (producer/mixer)

• Pyramid Tropic – “My Destroyer” single (co-producer/mixer)
• My Last Crush – “Do It For Love, featuring Maiko Watson” single (producer/mixer)
• Chemical Dreams – “Sleep In Peace” single (mixer)
• Grand Analog – “Let Disco” remix

• Martha and the Muffins – “Do You Ever Wonder?” remix
• This Sound Will Save You – “Let The Night Lead You” album (producer/mixer)

• This Sound Will Save You – “A Place To Start” EP (producer/mixer)