Lake Forest

Lake Forest


Lake Forest is the solo project of Will Whitwham of the Wilderness of Manitoba. Over the past year, Whitwham recorded a more electric album, his second, called For Whatever That Was. The album was mastered by Peter C. Moore (Bob Dylan – The Basement Tapes Complete). “I let the writing happen over a longer period of time,” confides Whitwham. “For Whatever That Was is more of an album in the conventional or traditional sense because I took the most confluent songs and committed them to tape. It was just the music I heard in my head and it’s getting a lot closer to the music I always find myself coming back to; slow, heavy, loud and melodic. I think the music we often call ‘sad’ is very triumphant and uplifting. This is probably why we never talk about how sad a song is; we just play it. I’ll probably continue to bounce back and forth between these processes, but in a lot of ways, I’ve been waiting to make this album for quite some time.”

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“Hard to believe this is a side project…”

“The music is very deep and introspective, but quite powerful.” – Grayowl Point


  • 2012 – Silver Skies
  • 2012 – Walk Away Renee (single)
  • 2017 – For Whatever That Was