Pyramid Tropic



Fueled by late nights in basement studios and frequent runs to the local café for coffee, Pyramid Tropic is a study in contrasts. The duo’s music is percussive, synth-based dance music. One member is known as the singer/songwriter of a Toronto-based indie pop band while the other is recognized for designing music production software used by programmers working with Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and Coldpaly. The creative and caffeine rush has resulted in a flood of tracks being completed in their respective studios. Their international approach has led them to perform in Berlin, Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival, London and Brighton for the Great Escape Festival.   


2016 – Pyramid Tropic – My Destroyer (single)

“A Dirty Synth Pop Gem.”

“While the softer side of electro pop has been en vogue lately, we still have cravings for some harder synth beats. The answer to our prayers has come in the form of Pyramid Tropic’s newest single “My Destroyer”. Taking serious cues from 80s pop and infusing it with something a little more sinister, the duo has created something that feels like cotton candy pop but belongs at a basement dive bar. It’s upbeat while staying covered in grime, and it’s definitely the dance gem that you’ve been looking for.” The Wild Honey Pie