The Wilderness of Manitoba


The Wilderness of Manitoba prefers to characterize itself as an evolving entity and founding member Will Whitwham is the last man standing. For the band’s fifth album, Across The Dark, the vocalist/multi-instrumentalist stepped up to write and produce all the songs himself. “When a band isn’t changing, it’s not growing,” says Whitwham. From the band’s inception, it has redefined itself with every new release; from Hymns of Love and Spirits through When You Left The Fire, Island of Echoes, Between Colours and various EPs. The evolution of their sound has run the gamut from four part harmonies and its initial chamber folk sound to duo lead vocals and an expanded sonic palette ranging from cinematic indie pop to anthemic folk rock. The current live version of the band includes vocalist/guitarist Jenny Berkel, bassist/vocalist Tavo Diez de Bonilla and drummer Marshall Bureau.

“…skyward-directed pop gems…”

“On Between Colours, the band has once again reinvented itself. This time around, they deployed dense, orchestral arrangements, ringing electric guitars, and swirling, shifting synthesizers. It is by far the most ambitious album the Wilderness of Manitoba has ever made. It is also the strongest. Change can be risky in the notoriously fickle music business, but on their new album the Wilderness of Manitoba pushed themselves — and made something that is at once eclectic, engaging, and profound.” – Verb Magazine


  • 2009 – Hymns of Love & Spirits EP (Delaware House Records, Canada)
  • 2010 – When You Left The Fire (the Vérité Recording Company, Canada)
  • 2011 – Hymns of Love & Spirits expanded reissue (the Vérité Recording Company, Canada)
  • 2011 – When You Left The Fire (tinyOGRE Entertainment, USA)
  • 2011 – Three Carols EP (Popguru Sound & Vision, Canada)
  • 2012 – Delaware House EP (Popguru Sound & Vision, UK/Netherlands)
  • 2012 – Island of Echoes (Pheromone Recordings, Canada)
  • 2013 – the Leslieville Sessions EP (Popguru Sound & Vision, USA)
  • 2014 – Between Colours (Pheromone Recordings, Canada)
  • 2017 – The Tin Shop EP (Pheromone Recordings, Canada)
  • 2017 – Across The Dark (Pheromone Recordings, Canada)