Founded in 1998, Popguru Sound & Vision is a fully integrated music company.

Founded in 1998, Popguru Sound & Vision is a fully integrated music company whose core business is music publishing and providing music for film, television and other media. As a diversified company, it is also involved in music management and its record label imprint. Prior to starting his own company, founder Graham Stairs was a partner in Intrepid management and did A&R for Intrepid Records, Latitude Records and EMI Music Canada. He later did A&R and International for True North Records. Popguru subscribes to the philosophy of building long-term careers for its artists. The company’s mandate is to develop content for the Canadian and international marketplaces. Popguru is responding to the needs of its artists today and into the future.

Artist & Producer Management

Popguru is involved in all aspects of planning, coordinating and organizing the careers of our eclectic roster of artists and producers. Management is one of our fortes and our company is extremely experienced in this sector of the music industry. It is the cornerstone of our company.

Music Publishing

Popguru has expanded into music publishing and it has been a key factor in enabling the company to grow. If you are interested in using a song from the Popguru repertoire for your next project or wish to co-write with any of the company’s songwriters, please contact Graham Stairs and he will help you with your request.

Record Labels

Popguru has three record label imprints, Popguru, the Vérité Recording Company and the Confidence Emperors. Each imprint has its own distinct label identity. Popguru is about pop music, pop art and pop culture. Vérité is about a style of sound recording that attempts to convey candid realism. The Confidence Emperors is a digital singles/EPs label designed to be a fresh approach to artist development through a process of social curation and collaboration.

Music Licensing

Popguru has been successfully active in licensing songs to film, television, video and computer games, radio and television commercials and various new media for a number of years. The company represents the content of its management clients, its music publishing division, the artists recorded by the Popguru, Vérité and Confidence Emperors labels and various independent artists. Popguru works very closely with New York-based Steven Scharf Entertainment for the U.S. Music licensing is a natural extension of our company’s mandate to find new and innovative ways to deliver our artists’ content to Canadian and international markets. If you are interested in using a track that Popguru represents for your next project, please contact Graham Stairs (for Canada), Steven Scharf (for the U.S.), Verity Griffiths (for the UK and Europe), Christian Fløe Svenningsen (for Scandinavia) or Matthew Donlevy (for Australia and New Zealand) and they will help you clear the master and sync rights easily and efficiently.